Real Estate Law


Demco Law Firm represents buyers, sellers, and property owners in real estate transactions and litigation. Our transactional work includes negotiating and drafting purchase and sale agreements, leases, options, easements, rights of first refusal, boundary line adjustments, covenants, and other such legal documents that are necessary for successful residential and commercial property endeavors. Our real estate litigation and dispute resolution practice includes purchase and sale disputes, landlord-tenant issues, adverse possession, quiet title, foreclosure, homeowner and condominium association disputes, construction and development disputes, and most other such matters.

We represent some of the largest real estate brokerage firms in the Pacific Northwest. We provide on-call counseling and consultation to our broker clients on all aspects of their business, render assistance in drafting forms and transactional documents, and represent brokers when disputes do arise. We strive foremost to help our broker clients facilitate smooth transactions and avoid disputes and litigation. When lawsuits do occur we are prepared to represent our clients in any court and alternative dispute resolution proceedings.

Several of our attorneys are licensed instructors of real estate law and regularly teach continuing education "clock hour" courses for real estate brokers. We teach state-mandated broker clock hour courses (such as "Core Curriculum" and "Real Estate Law") as well as our own state-approved elective clock-hour courses (such as "Law Update", "Suits from the Past", and "Advanced Agency Solutions"). Our courses typically focus on areas of the law useful to real estate brokers such as agency, contracts, forms practice, case studies, and updates on the law, and cover a complete spectrum of real estate legal issues critical for a broker's success.